Hard Reset for Bleu 255X

In our description database there are 2 solutions for performing hard reset for Bleu 255X.

Choose the first method and follow the steps to perform a hard reset. If the first solution does not work, try the next method.

Please remember! Hard reset will delete any and all data your device contains; like pictures, contacts, messages, apps etc. Everything. Bleu 255X device will be brought back to the same configuration as that of a brand new device.

1. Power up the phone: press-hold the Power button.
Hard Reset for Bleu 255X
2. Press the Center button to open Main Menu. Afterwards open Settings.
3. Now select Reset Factory Settings > All.

4. Lastly, select All, type in the phone's lock code (12345 by default) and press Center button.

5. You have completed the hard reset process.

Warning ! HardReset24.com is not responsible for any damage caused by our tutorials. You do it at your own risk.

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