Hard Reset for LG Optimus G LS970

A Hard Reset reverts a phone to its original settings and a clean OS (Operating System) removing all data and information added to the cell phone by the mobile phone user.

In essence a Hard Reset erases everything from the phone and puts the phone back to like new condition as though it’s brand new right out of the box.

1. For a start take your phone and hold down your power button to shut it down.

Hard Reset for LG Optimus G LS970

2. When your phone is turned off you have to press and hold both Volume down button and power button at the same time.

Hard Reset for LG Optimus G LS970

3. When you will see LG logo on your screen you can release those buttons.

Hard Reset for LG Optimus G LS970

4. Once you did this there should apppear hard reset screen, similary looking like this:

Hard Reset for LG Optimus G LS970

5. Now use your volume keys to navigate to wipe data/factory reset option and select it with power button to finish the process.

Hard Reset for LG Optimus G LS970

6. And now your phone will restart itself so please wait patiently. Good job!

Doing a factory reset has some advantages for a few purposes. One of the big ones is wanting to remove all Data from the device.

This is handy if you plan on giving the device to someone else and don't want to give them your contacts or any other information.

In some circumstances it can even be handy to just start over especially if you have some minor issues and you assume the issues are Data related.

If rooted its a great way to wipe the Data and Cache area's to prepare to change the ROM of the device.

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